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My Favorite Hand Lettering Guides

Kenzie Smith

Posted on July 22 2019

My Favorite Hand Lettering Guides


Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite hand letterings guides that really helped me learn the basics and also hone in on my own unique style! Back when Boston (my oldest) was a baby I was looking for a creative outlet. I was working full time from home as a graphic designer for a consulting company. I am so grateful for that job but it didn’t feed me creatively doing corporate design. I always loved calligraphy and wanted to take in school and never had the room in my schedule. So I signed up for an online class from Jenny Highsmith (@jennyhighsmith) she is so incredibly talented and really sparked my love for lettering!

Her class was so amazing and I learned so much! So if you’re looking for an actual class to take I highly suggest her class! Her info is below.

Scroll down to her lettering e-course. Or you could always take a live workshop too!


Another super talented lady is Becca Courtice of The Happy Ever Crafter (@thehappilyevercrafter). She does this cute beginner program that’s FREE! It’s called show me your drills! She sends you  emails explaining the whole process. She gives you info on the best materials to use, helps you learn the basics of lettering, and teaches you uppercase, lowercase, flourishes, connections etc! It’s so good and so fun!! A new semester has just started so sign up below if your interested!

She also has so many amazing tutorials that you can find on her website too! 

After I got my Ipad I wanted to start learning how to letter well digitally! Digital lettering and lettering on paper are pretty similar but I felt like I needed some digital guides to help me get used to digital vs. paper. I found Saffron Avenue (@saffronavenue) and totally fell in love with Angela’s style. Her digital guides really helped me find my unique style of lettering and to LOVE lettering digitally. Below is a link to her guides. I highly recommend.


I hope this will be helpful to any of you who have been wanting to learn or up your hand lettering game! So much love for you all!! Also, if you have any questions at all please feel free to comment below!


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