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A Great Way to get FREE Design Elements

Kenzie Smith

Posted on June 24 2019

A Great Way to get FREE Design Elements

Hey Guys!

I wanted to let you in on a little secret of mine. Before I had my IPad Pro, I had no way to digitize my hand lettering or illustrations. So I had a favorite place to go to for all my graphic design needs. I was always in need of new and exciting elements for projects and this website was such a time saver.

Creative Market is a website where artist and designers sell their work and it's super affordable. They have literally everything you could need as a designer or business owner. They have templates for emails, websites, insta stories, landing pages, PowerPoints, etc. They have stock images, mockups, fonts, illustrations and design elements. Seriously, whatever you need they will have it! I have been so impressed by the quality and available options they have. 

Want to know the best thing about this website?? When you make an account with them they send you 6 FREE DESIGN ELEMENTS. Every. Monday!! Can you believe it? It is such a great way to start building your design repertoire. Follow the link below to sign up and get your FREE elements! Also, if you miss the email on Monday, don’t sweat! They have their free elements on their homepage all week long. 

Click the link and in the upper right hand corner it says ‘Join Now’

I hope this will help some of you! I really would love to have these blog posts about things that will benefit you! So please, comment below and let me know what you'd like to hear about  :) 

Below are some of my past projects that I’ve used elements from Creative Market. Enjoy!

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